What to Look For on a Property’s Facebook Page

General renting information

What’s available now, how big it is, what amenities come along with it, and any information about what it costs. You know, all the stuff you’d normally look for on Craigslist, while bemoaning the unattractive formatting. Also, figure out the exact location of the place, and how to get in touch with the manager.


Basic, right? But important—pictures will give you an idea of whether or not it’s worth visiting a property, and thus can be a huge time-saver. On the other hand, if a property manager can be bothered to put up a Facebook page but not to upload photos, well, that might be a sign.

What other people are saying

The more fans, “likes,” or glowing reports a particular property has on Facebook, the better. Do residents interact with each other on the page?

Community events

Does living here give you access to movie parties, trivia nights, or any other form of organized community event? If you’re new to the area, having a structured way to meet people can be a real benefit.


It seems to be an increasing trend: rental properties and local business will team up to give tenants, or even prospective tenants, discounts on their products. While this probably shouldn’t be the make-or-break factor in deciding to live somewhere, it never hurts to keep an eye out for deals.


How many helpful tips does this property manager provide? For example, does he provide information about the local area—such as good restaurants, or street-sweeping dates—or about safety tips for healthy apartment living?

Other perks

…like coffee in the lobby. (Couldn’t resist the pun!) Does the Facebook page tell you about any little gestures that might help you love living in one of the apartments it’s advertising?

Bottom line:

Figure out what’s most important for your next rental, and look for those things first. If a landlord makes a serious effort to attract you to his site, then, hopefully, his management of your apartment will reflect that dedication.

What do you look for on an apartment community’s social media page? Tell us here or on Facebook, natch.

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