What To Buy For Your Apartment For Life

Look at you trying to be a Real Adult. Life is post-college, you have a job that you can’t schedule around Friday hangovers caused by Thursday night beer pong, and you feel like you shouldn’t be totally mortified if you actually manage to bring someone home who seems sophisticated enough to wash her dishes more than once a week. Good for you! Do you have all of the following?

 Having wine glasses for your apartment or home is a must

Wine glasses for your home

Unless you don’t drink, buy a few wine glasses for your apartment. Preferably four, minimum, so that you could split a bottle of wine/still have a couple if you drink too much and break yours. You can also get away with small glasses that approximate delicacy.  It’s just no longer cool to be drinking wine out of mugs.

More than one mug for your kitchen

Speaking of mugs, you should own more than one. Actually, you should own more than three. They don’t have to match, and you can usually get away with a few of them being the generic free kind with your work logo stamped on. But a fully barren cupboard with one or no mugs is just too depressing for words.

 sheets for your 1 or 2 bedroom apartment

More than one set of sheets for each bedroom in your apartment

Sure, in college, or during those years after you finally moved out but before you were eating anything other than Ramen, you probably waited at least three weeks before doing all of your laundry in one fell swoop. Hey, I get it. One of my brothers still puts all of his dirty laundry into one hamper, washes it all, and then returns the clean laundry to the same hamper—I’m still not sure how he separates dirty from clean in the interim weeks. Anyway, you don’t need to live like this. You can change your sheets and wait a few days before washing the old ones. That’s right, with one simple purchase of another set, you can completely eliminate 10:30 p.m. meltdowns when your dryer hasn’t effectively dried your bedding.

Laundry hamper to keep your home tidy

Speaking of laundry hampers, you should have one. A plastic basket, a collapsible mesh hamper, a hand-woven masterpiece, who cares? Just someplace other than your floor, so, unlike my brother, you can separate the freshly laundered from the incredibly smelly.

 towels for your home

More than one towel for your bathroom

While we’re on the topic of linen and laundry, own more than one towel. Own five towels. Or at least two or three towels. Yes, you should have a couple for yourself (see “More than one set of sheets,” above). And also one for that legendary and perhaps someday possible situation: guests.

Two skillets, two pots, a wok, baking sheets for your apartment kitchen

In other words, have a semblance of a home kitchen. One small skillet, one large; ditto for saucepans. A wok if you can manage it. Something you could bake in. And, of course, dishes, bowls, utensils, and cups.

 disaster kit for your apartment

An earthquake/disaster kit just in case

You should really, really have some stash of supplies saved for as worst-case scenario. This means at least three days’ (preferably a week’s) worth of water and food for each person in the household, an emergency blanket, first aid supplies, warm clothes, a flashlight with extra batteries, matches, and some other suggestions for your rental home or apartment.


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