Welcome to Our New Blog Home!

Welcome to our new blog home! The MyNewPlace blog is launching under a new name (LocalTalk) and a new URL (localtalk.mynewplace.com). Why the change? We wanted to focus on what’s local, whether that means in your apartment, at your property, or in your city.

New Local Talk Blog Picture Places

We’ll continue to look at new ways to enjoy home life and tackle apartment obstacles, but we’re eager to grow, too. We’re adding new faces, rich content, and big data insights. We wanted to have more space for conversation and interaction, so we improved the comment process and integrated more social capabilities. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest!
We want to write about what you care about, so please let us know!  If you have any comments and questions, please reach out: use the comment space at the bottom of each page; connect with us on social media; or shoot us an email at kate.flynn@realpage.com .

See you soon!

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