Weekend DIY Home Improvements

Fix everything that’s loose

Walking around the house with a hammer and a screwdriver might not seem the sexiest of home improvements, but it’s probably one of the most practical. Hammer down floorboards, tighten loose screws, stablize wobbly chairs, and generally fix all those little things that are slowly falling apart.

Install weather stripping

It’s that time of the year! Go around to all your windows and doors and seal up any cracks around their edges. You’ll be a lot warmer, and you’ll feel a lot richer when your heating bill comes.

Regrout bathroom tiles

By now, you’re probably sick of now non-fun this list is. But it’s the little things that matter! Getting rid of gunk in your bathroom and then replacing it with new grout, well, that’ll make a huge difference in your showering experience.

Paint your three shabbiest possessions

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. Old dressers, worn chairs, even out-of-date hallway paint jobs can all be given new life with half a gallon or less.

Make a mudroom

You don’t need an extra room to create a convenient entryway. Install hooks for coats and keys (differently-sized ones, obviously), make a bench for taking off boots, find a place to stash shoes that don’t have another home, and figure out other creative storage methods.

Put (cute) shelves in your bathroom

Does your bathroom seem cluttered? First things first, throw out that hair gel you (wisely) haven’t used since the 90s. Then see whether you need more shelving to better display your goods, i.e. so you don’t lose your face lotion behind your other face lotion. And make them good-looking! No need for still MORE dusty wire racks.

Organize the little things

This is one of my favorite, simple ways to keep small stuff organized: using a translucent shoe rack so that everything has its own little pocket. The site we’ve linked labels each one so that even your helpful guests can figure out where to store stuff. Just try to hang it up in a closet or behind a door so that your organization doesn’t turn into visual clutter.

Do some serious renovation

Feeling like this list is easy as pie? Check out these more serious weekend projects.

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