Ways with Color


Ways With Color: Innovative Painting

There’s a reason you hold painting parties with your friends and order pizza as a reward. The painting process can be a huge chore, especially when you are seeking to add some color to your walls and ceilings without having to pay top dollar for a professional job. Of course, you want to show your new friends that you know how to fit into Spokane’s local culture of DIY creativity and saving on cost while you’re doing it, but there are other ways in which you can paint innovatively to spruce up your new digs without giving the walls a new coat. Here, we list five things that we bet you never thought of when it comes to adding color to your place and give you tips on what kinds of materials and techniques to use with each item.

Glass or ceramic canisters

You can use chalkboard paint labels to identify and decorate the containers you use for your food staples. Another great idea is to take some Mason glass jars, paint the outsides, and etch some designs on them once the paint has dried. As you will quickly discover, Spokanites will use Mason jars for anything and everything, from drinking glasses to storage containers. Put some candles in the jars and use them for indoor or outdoor mood lighting. This is a great way to reuse/recycle materials, which is a huge focus in the green-oriented culture of Spokane.

That old Chair

For wood chairs, you can use a standard furniture paint, perhaps in an innovative metallic color. The Martha Stewart line of paints, which you can find at Benjamin Moore and other paint stores in the area, has a great selection of colors that bridge traditional shades and tones with ones that are more outgoing and trendy. This is a great way to get that bright, semi-outlandish vintage look that is so popular in Spokane today. Use these shades to put some new design on the wood and use it as a decoration piece. You can also paint fabric chairs, using a combination of water, fabric medium, and latex paint.

Dried Flowers

Hang them upside down first for proper drying, then hit them with a couple of coats of your favorite spray paint shade. Don’t know how to dry flowers? Michael Weishan has a great article on it, giving step by step instructions. 


This is a great way to cover up those stains you just can’t get rid of with cleaning products. Use upholstery paint and some painter’s tape to make patterns and designs. Check out this website, for detailed instructions and innovative ideas.
The general idea is not just to look for innovative materials and techniques, but to think of items that could help you add a splash of color to one of your rooms without having to paint the walls. Give a furniture item a much-needed facelift or repair at low cost, or add some decorative edge to the everyday items in your kitchen. Embrace the creative DIY trend in Spokane – if it looks repurposed or made anew, you’ve arrived!


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