Visit The Sites of Your Favorite Movies

Summer is all about traveling and relaxation, and summer is also all about awaiting the release of a series of big blockbuster movies. If you are looking for fun new places to travel to this summer and love finding out where your favorite movies were filmed, we’ve provide the perfect guide to various locations that served as backdrops for famous scenes in major Hollywood movies!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Dubai)


Only Tom Cruise would be brave enough to do his own stunts, and only Tom Cruise would insist on actually climbing up the tallest building in the world, the 240-story Burj Khalifa skyscraper.


Enchanted (New York)


Many different movies were filmed in the famous Central Park location in New York City.  27 Dresses, Cloverfield, Maid in Manhattan, and Enchanted are just a few on this list.  Enchanted was filmed on location throughout New York city, but the adorable “That’s How You Know” music video takes viewers waltzing through all the famous parts of Central Park including Boating Lake, The Mall, Reservoir Bridge, and Betheseda Terrace–to name just a few.

The Dark Knight (Hong Kong)


After Bruce Wayne strips off his street clothes and dons his Batman costume and extremely deep voice, Batman leaps between towers from the International Finance Center 2 to the International Finance Center 1 building during the action sequence.  This building is the 2nd tallest in Hong Kong and serves as a landmark along the coastline on the wharf.



Gangster Squad (Los Angeles)


In order to maintain authenticity to the crime thriller era of the 1940s, many of the final shootout and fist fight action sequences took place just outside the Park Plaza Hotel, and other scenes were created by transforming Los Angeles into a vintage suburban neighborhood.


XMen: The Last Stand (San Francisco)


While unfortunately all of the footage for this science fiction movie was filmed using special effects, some of the best San Francisco Bay Area’s features are shown at the climax of this movie.  The villain, Magneto, moves the Golden Gate Bridge to provide access to Alcatraz Island, where the final battle between the mutants takes place.


Take a look at this comprehensive list to check out all the movies I’ve missed.  If you’re looking for real time updates on the where the latest movies and TV shows are being filmed, check out onlocationvacations, so you can check out these spots as filming takes place! Know of any other small-town filming locations you’d like to share? Let us know on Facebook!

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