Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment: Tips on celebrating at home

We live in a day and age where Valentine’s Day is about letting all those whom we love and appreciate know that they are special to us, whether it’s mom and dad, the kids, or your friends or coworkers. Even though the stores, shops, and commercials might tell us Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, there are ways to make the holiday meaningful and touching for everyone in your life who counts. Help spread a mood that is more inclusive and broad than simply celebrating a romantic partnership; this will be especially appreciated in a city like Spokane, which embodies the progressive thinking that is the trademark of the Pacific Northwest. This blog gives you five tips for spreading the love—especially if you are really new to the area. This is a good opportunity to let the people that you are getting to know that you appreciate their friendship, companionship, or whatever particular relationship they have come to have with you.

Decide the theme and mood

Planning a dinner for two or a dinner party for singles at home is a great alternative idea to going out. You can even do a potluck if you are celebrating with friends. Do you want to celebrate in a way that is romantic, funny, cute, or ironically throwback? Brainstorm for ideas for how you want to go about setting up your place. Stroll some of the shops in the Garland District for ideas. There will no doubt be plenty of things on display for you to peruse as you think about how you will theme your night.

Image Credit: T.Kiya

Image Credit: T.Kiya

Head to your local florist

Hillyard, Riverpark, and Liberty Park are great neighborhoods where you can find local florists to help you pick the right kind of flowers for making those who are especially close to you feel special. If flowers fade too quickly for your liking, consider a plant with a few buds scattered throughout for a festive feel.

Bring arts and crafts into the picture

Nothing says that you care about your loved ones more than do-it-yourself decorations and small gifts. Check out some of the arts and crafts shops on Division, Monroe, or Indiana Avenue. This is also a great way to get your kids involved in the day—and possibly the night, if they will be joining you.

Image by: saaleha

Image by: saaleha

Try your local bakery for sweet treats and candy

Valentine’s Day is all about the good old sweet treats. Try to mix it up beyond the bulk candy aisle at CVS or Walgreens by seeing what’s available in one of your local bakeries. Grab some cupcakes or pastries from one of the shops on W Main or Washington Street. They might even have vegan and gluten-free options that they can tell you about. But if you have special requirements, plan ahead if you can and order in advance.

Make it fun with old- “school” items

Remember those little cards you used to pass out and exchange with your classmates at school? Grab some—and candy hearts while you’re at it—and pass them out to friends and coworkers. See if you can’t find some small bulk items at a vintage shop that you can throw in the little envelopes.

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