Top 8 Barbecue Tips!

Remember the old days when you were having a blast chomping your way through your dad’s deliciously marinated barbecued ribs, grilled corn, and a nice cool side of coleslaw? Well now that you’re a little older and a little wiser, its your time to host your own perfect summertime barbecue! Follow these easy-to-follow tips to ensure your barbecue goes off without a hitch and has your friends and family reminiscing about your awesome cooking skills! Don’t think you have enough space? Try looking at these convenient AND affordable grills!

1. A Clean Grill is a Good Grill

clean grill

You probably haven’t used that old barbecue for about a year. Be safe and make sure you give it a good scrubbing which will ensure your food will not be contaminated and your guests leave happy without possible food poisoning! Follow these simple tips to get your grilling started!

2. Salt your Meat

Be sure to salt your meat to ensure that the meat stays succulent and doesn’t dry out! For a tasty salt crust, try seasoning with coarse salt!



Your meat needs the proper amount of seasoning and sauce to really take it up a notch! Whether you use a store bought marinade or create your own, it wouldn’t be a great barbecue without that finger-lickin’ marinade! If possible marinade overnight.

4. Slow and Low

The wait for that perfect burger or cut of steak is almost unbearable! But trust me, cooking at a lower temperature and at a longer time will ensure your meat comes out tender and juicy.

5. Drinks!

You gotta escape the heat somehow! Try these easy recipes for amazingly refreshing summertime staples!

6. Sides!

Consult this list of tasty sides to accompany your grilled dishes!

7. Plates and Napkins

paper plate

Barbecues can get messy especially if there are kids running around! Make sure you have an ample supply of plates and napkins!

8. Friends and Family!

Barbecues are the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family! Definitely the perfect way to enjoy a leisurely weekend with great food and company.

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