Tips for Renting with Pets

Pet Friendly Apartments

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It can be tough trying to move into an apartment with a pet. First, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find an apartment building that allows pets, depending on the city. Second, it can be tough to leave your pet alone and indoors all day in, by animal standards, a pretty confined place. However, we here at MyNewPlace are fond of all animals and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you find an apartment as well as offer helpful advice in our apartment rental guide, that will keep you and your pet happy.

Apartment owners are typically worried about damage to the apartment and grounds of the apartment building that can be caused by pets. Some apartments even have restrictions on the breed and size of dogs. These restrictions are certainly crucial to your apartment search; knowing about an apartment’s pet policy before you viewing the property can save you time, money and aggravation. It is also nice, during your apartment search, to be able to filter out possible rental apartments from the start, as this will be on your list of apartment needs as opposed to your apartment wants. When you begin your apartment search for a pet-friendly rental, it is essential to be prepared.

Many apartment buildings do not allow pets so you will have to do a little more work than the average renter to find an apartment. Some apartments are dog-friendly some are cat-friendly and some allow both. Some apartments have restrictions on certain breeds or the size of dogs. Check out the MyNewPlace Blog for articles on pet-friendly cities and apartments. The market is a bit more competitive for pet-friendly apartments, so it is of the utmost importance to be prepared. In addition to getting organized in the way that our article Preparing your Apartment Search in our apartment rental guide advises, there are other steps that you can take to make sure that you and your dog, cat or other animal friend will find an apartment.

Meeting Landlords and Signing Leases

You should put together a pet resume. You can include your pet’s height, weight, breed, age, whether it is spayed or neutered, training background, veterinarian’s name and number and other pertinent facts about your pet. Not only will this information be useful to your potential landlord, but it will show that you are indeed, a responsible and organized pet owner. You should also include numbers of previous landlords, as well as references that will vouch for your pet’s good behavior. Completing these simple tasks and presenting this information to landlords can be helpful in markets that are extremely competitive for pet-friendly housing.

To get a step ahead of other renters with dogs, cats and other animal friends, you can use MyNewPlace for your apartment search. Simply select whether you need an apartment that accepts dogs, cats or both. Be sure to check the details on the apartment rental listing page as some apartments will provide specifics on their pet policies. Some apartments will have a pet deposit or increase in rent per month as well as restrictions on breed, size and number of animals. Be sure to inquire if anything is unclear or you have any special circumstances. Before you sign your lease make sure you inspect it carefully. Some apartments may even list your dog or cat as a tenant in your apartment. Understand and review the terms with your landlord so that any issues that pertain to your pet are clearly understood by both parties.

Pets and Renters Insurance

Along with having all the proper identification and vaccination documentation ready to present to your landlord, it is also a good idea to get renters insurance if you plan on having a dog or cat in your apartment. Pet owners face higher liability risks because of damages that may be incurred by dogs and cats. Renters Insurance will protect you if your dog causes an injury to another person. Your pet-friendly apartment landlord is not liable for dog bites, cat attacks or snakes on the loose. See the MyNewPlace blog article on renters insurance for more information and links to insurance companies that offer competitive rates for insuring your pet. Living amongst renters who are unfamiliar with animals can lead to some inadvertent and uncomfortable relations between the human and animal kingdoms. Your pet may be harmless and the friendliest of companions, but renters insurance can help you out in the unfortunate event of an incident.

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