Tips for Moving with Pets

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moving day for your pet

Moving can be hard on a human, but it’s even harder, and more stressful, on a pet.

We have the scratch marks to prove it.

So make your life (and your pet’s) a little easier with these simple do’s and don’ts.


  • Plan ahead. Moving day is not the time to figure out how you’re going to get Fido to the new digs. It will just make everything more stressful, and stressed animals are not a good thing. And if you get an accident here or there because of their overexcitement, cut them some slack.
  • Consider having them stay at friends or board them during moving. It you can’t do this, make sure they have a kennel, or their own room, so they stay out of the way of the movers.
  • Give them plenty of water, food and fresh air, and stick to their routine as much as humanly possible.
  • Let your pet get used to its new home on its own time. The neighbors will all get a chance to meet the pets eventually, and allowing your pets to get used to their new space will help prevent lost, confused, or crazed pets in your new home.
  • Make sure you understand completely the airline’s policy for pet travel. You’re going to have a lot on your mind when relocating do this well ahead of your move so you don’t have to deal with it at the last second. Also, ask your veterinarian whether it might make sense to give your pet a sedative before the flight, but NEVER try to do this on your own. You don’t want to gamble on the health of your pet.

Do Not:

  • Um, you can’t move that fish tank on its own. Bag up your fish in plastic bags with water from their tank, and close with rubber bands. Leave the bag about half full of air, and pack them into a cooler for the trip. For more exotic fish, consult your local pet store.
  • Don’t neglect your pets during the move. In fact, show them even more affection than usual. Pets thrive on routine, and moving disrupts that in a major way. Recognize this and compensate with some loving care.

Don’t try to have to several pets travel in a car together without being confined. Even though they might get along famously otherwise, the excitement of the trip will have your cats and dogs fighting like, well, you know. Get them individual kennels.

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