Things to Consider Before You Pack

You are probably excited about starting your new life in Nine Mile Falls, but before you get there, you have to pack up all your stuff. It might not be possible to turn packing into a fun task, but you can make the whole moving process a lot easier by setting emotion aside and getting ruthlessly practical when you pack. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you load all your useless knick-knacks into boxes.

1. Are You Really Going to Use That?

If you have a lot of outdoor hobbies, you might want to think about what you actually need before you move to Nine Mile Falls. Fortunately, there are very few outdoorsy things you will not be able to do here. Thanks to the proximity of the Spokane River and outdoor resources like the Spokane River Centennial Trail, just about the only piece of sports equipment you will not readily be able to use is a surfboard. But still, before you pay to move your kayak, you should think about whether it is actually going to get use in your new home. If the answer is no, it might not be worth the hassle of packing and storing big sports equipment.

2. Do You Need to Pack That?

Before you go packing cheap, basic stuff like trash cans and hangers, think about whether it makes sense to pay to move things you can buy in Nine Mile Falls. If space is at a premium when you move, you can give away or sell basics that you can then pick up again in your new home. Though Nine Mile Falls has a bit of a rustic feel, it is not an isolated backwater. There are several shopping centers in town that can help you stock up, and if that does not work, you can make the short drive into Spokane.

3. Will You Ever Actually Wear That?

If you are attracted to the Nine Mile Falls area, you are probably seeking a quiet life in a beautiful wooded setting. So, it is probably safe to assume your closet is not full of club gear. But just in case you like to go out every weekend where you live now, you should think about whether Nine Mile Falls is the place for high heels. Winters here get snowy, and it is probably not safe to go out for regular wild weekends if you will be driving home. You will likely end up needing a more practical wardrobe, so think about that when you are packing your clothes. Do not hesitate to donate or let your friends pick through clothes that will not have much use in a woodsy place like Nine Mile Falls.

4. What Would Happen if You Left That Behind?

Now that you have sorted through the basics, it is time to dig through all of your random stuff. This is when some ruthlessness really pays off because we usually only collect useless stuff if it has sentimental value. Remember that you will be making a lot of memories in your new place. Think about what you actually need to bring and what you will actually have room for before you just toss everything in boxes.

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