The Top Ten Apartment Pet Peeves



Every few days we’ve been posting some “Apartment Pet Peeves” on the MyNewPlace Facebook page and we decided to compile the first 25 here on the blog. We may switch over to a “What I Love About My Apartment,” but today is devoted to grumpy complaining and not gushing flattery.

We have about 30 in total on our Facebook page, some we came up with and some are from our users. Here was how they ranked according to Facebook’s post quality metric:

10 – There isn’t really a good place for clipping your toenails.

9 – Roommate 1: “All the towels are the same color, I don’t know which one is yours!”

Roommate 2: “Yours is the one that smells like your whole body is made out of feet, mine is the one that smells like Snuggy bear picking flowers on a Swiss mountainside.”

8 – Leaving the sponge in the sink to stew in dirty dish water and food — it makes them smelly and gross! Who wants to clean their dishes with it after that?

7 – Taking out the garage does not mean removing the garbage bag and leaning it against the pail. Or putting it in the laundry room.

6 – Roommate 1: I told you that you won’t make it to Walgreens, buy shampoo and make it back home right when your curry is ready,”

Roommate 2:  “Oh come on, who would have known that soup would catch on fire?”

5 – Paper towels and dish soap are not acceptable replacements when you use the last of the TP and shampoo.

4 – Why are there 16 pairs of socks behind the couch?”

3 – Just because you have to wake up at 6 AM every morning, this misery does not give you the license to stomp around in high heels, alerting everyone else that you actually have to go to work at such an ungodly hour.

2 – “Taking dishes from under your bed and putting them next to the sink marks the beginning, not end, of doing dishes.

1 – Why is there a roasted red pepper in the shower?”

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