The Joys of a Pressure Cooker For Your Home

Haven’t you heard? The pressure cooker is back in vogue (if not Vogue). Here’s why you should consider adding one to your wish list this holiday season.

(Note! This article refers to electric pressure cookers; this article lays out if a traditional model may be better for your apartment)

A pressure cooker is the perfect accessory for any home

Wonders of a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers cool super fast! Depending on the ingredient or meal, cooking time can be 10 minutes or less. You’ll save up to up to 70% on your cooking time and even more on your apartment utility bills!

With the time savings come energy savings; you can also save up to 70% of the energy you’d use to cook a meal in an oven or over a stove. (Enviro-nerd alert: I have no idea how many times you’d need to use a pressure cooker before you neutralized the energy require to manufacture it.)

Although the nutrient retention of pressure-cooked foods is apparently not as great as manufacturers would have you believe, the machines also do not infuse harmful chemicals that baking and grilling sometimes generate. In other words, pressure cookers make cleaner foods. The heat, which is greater than boiling point, may also kill hardier, unhealthy microorganisms.

Lazy cooks rejoice: pressure cookers are incredibly easy to use—once you get the hang of the little pressure-release knob, that guy’s a doozy.

A pressure cooker can save you time and money in your apartment

Wants of a Pressure Cooker

If you love the ability to leave a slow cooker unattended, you might be disappointed with a pressure cooker; its high pressure requires, for safety, that you be around while it works. (You can, if you’re really clumsy, burn yourself on the steam. Trust me.)

Time spent is longer than the “cooking time” of a given food, as the equipment needs time to build up and release pressure.

If the ingredients of a dish have different cooking times, you’ll have to release pressure, add ingredients, release pressure, add ingredients.

For a review by model, check out The Guardian’s breakdown “One-pot wonders.”

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