That Warm-Weather Scent

Whether your perfect warm-weather scent smells fresh like a salty windswept afternoon at the beach or juicy like a fruity refreshing cocktail, we’ve got you covered with this list of different types of summery fragrances that are perfect for your body or your apartment.


prada perfume

It’s always amazing when a single fragrance can perfectly capture a day at the beach. This summery blend of fresh citrus, sea salt, and a touch of caramel are full of moisture while also light and airy, and don’t leave heavy or musky wintery smells.


summer potpourri

Use this DIY recipe fit for a citrusy summer afternoon with the crisp flavor of lemon and orange wafting through the apartment. It takes a bit of patience to stir the contents and wait for the smells to ripen, but it well worth the wait. Putting a small portion of the completed product in a mesh drawstring bag makes for great natural alternatives to spray on clothes fresheners, or can even be hung in your car to mingle with the air conditioning on a hot day.


watermelon lemonade candle

From an employee’s recommendation, the watermelon lemonade is by far the lightest and fruitiest delicious scent in this list of candles, and is gentle, not overwhelming. This tangy blend of summer ripened fruits makes you thirsty for margaritas.


summer hill scent

Your sunburned or wind chapped skin will love being drenched in the appropriately named Summer Hill scented body lotion. This silky mixture of milk proteins, floral orchids, with a hint of orchard fruits is infused with extracts of flowers and honey to keep your skin soft and supple despite the sun beating down, or the harsh salty ocean water after a day at the beach.

hand sanitizer

If you’d like to also keep hand sanitizer for on-the-go occasions, this lengthy list of summer scents offers a huge variety of refreshing options to keep germs away.

What are your favorite scent combinations for this hot summer season? Let us know on Facebook!

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