Tasteful Americana: Decorating with a Star-Spangled Scheme


Aside from July 4th, Presidents’ Day is one of the best days of the year to reflect on the noble beginnings of the United States and the myriad contributions the presidents have made. You do not have to go as far as building an altar and offering Washington and Lincoln sacrificial cupcakes, but it is a prime time of year, after starting anew in January, to update the look of your interior while paying homage toward pride in your country. Display your patriotism in a tasteful way that matches your decor using some of the ideas below.

Old Glory

The most visible way to incorporate Americana into your home is to go with the classic staple: the American flag. A photo of the flag adds a pop of color to an otherwise-neutral room, and it harmonizes well with a primarily red or blue room. The design of the flag is inherently geometric, so it works well in a space without other conflicting patterns. This use is a bold way to spruce up a room while showing your loyalty.


If you want to avoid being too literal in bringing Americana into your home, accent a room with appropriate elements. Think about how you can bring in red, white, and blue without overwhelming your space. For example, a few plaid pillows woven with the American color trifecta look inviting on your couch, and a cluster of white pillar candles with red and blue ones interspersed livens up your coffee table. Incorporate star shapes as well. A grouping of metal stars hanging on the wall adds just enough intrigue.

Rustic Collections

Antiques add a vintage, rustic look to your decor, especially when contrasted with modern elements. Classic farmhouse style is a distinct facet of Americana, and you can invite this into your home with textures as well as curios. Display a collection of rusty old license plates on the wall, or let a group of ceramic hens peck at a corner of your kitchen countertop. Likewise, military memorabilia is compelling. Create a shadowbox to display your grandfather’s WWII medals or arrange a respectful bookshelf vignette with his hat and photos.

Period Style

This country is home to innovation, even when it comes to design. Uniquely American decorating styles have their place in history and perhaps in your design sensibilities as well. Bring period-specific details into your home. Whether you like the solid look of Colonial pieces, elaborate and delicate Victorian curiosities, clean and geometric lines of the Mission style, or Mid-Century Modern Palm-Springs simplicity, you can add stylized focal pieces into your existing decor. These elements give a nod to America’s history without being too overt.

Buying American

One of the best ways you can show your American spirit and make the presidents proud is to decorate with items that are made by local artists and craftspeople. While whatever you purchase does not have to be plastered with stars and stripes or even reminiscent of Americana, your fellow American’s work will lend a handmade charm to your decor, and you will be supporting your local economy in the process, which is the most important part.

How do you show American pride in your home?

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