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Enjoying Spring Weather!

It’s spriiiiiiiiiiiiing. At least, it is some places, as it seems to snow every time someone in New England is foolish enough to put on a pair of shorts. If it’s legitimately warm where you are, congratulations. …Now if you could just remember what the heck you used to do when it was warm out. […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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What To Buy For Your Apartment For Life

Look at you trying to be a Real Adult. Life is post-college, you have a job that you can’t schedule around Friday hangovers caused by Thursday night beer pong, and you feel like you shouldn’t be totally mortified if you actually manage to bring someone home who seems sophisticated enough to wash her dishes more […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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Moving? Check Out These 3 States!

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Autumnn Darden of! It’s a new year and a new decade, and that means new beginnings. Whether you’re switching career paths, moving closer to family, or just want a change of scenery, now is a great time to move. Summer is when the moving industry hits its peak; making the […]

By  autumnndarden
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Why Read About Apartment Living?

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Ron Leshnower Not so long ago, people often went about the process of looking for and living in an apartment without reading much on the subject. Today, the same type of people have access to a robust collection of articles, blog posts, e-newsletters, forum discussions, and more on every aspect of […]

By  ronleshnower
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What To Do With The House Guest From Hell?

I think it’s fair to say that October is a universally beautiful month. Whether you have red leaves, cool air, or constant sunshine like we do in San Francisco – for 31 straight days it’s hard to complain too much about the weather. So we here in the Bay Area have to find something else […]

By  snowconant
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