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4 Tip’s To Find A Not So Horrible Roommate

Finding a good roommate is though, it can even be torture. And this is bad news considering that between 2007-2010 “the number of shared households had increased by 11.4 percent” according to a report on the U.S census findings for shared housing by Laryssa Mykyta and Suzanne Macartney. They conclude that “In 2010, shared households […]

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MyNewPlace Apartment App Review

The modern world is a mobile one and as the times change MyNewPlace has changed with it. This future forward approach has been obvious is every iteration of MyNewPlace’s mobile offerings; but is most prevalent in the newest release of the MyNewPlace tablet app.   Back in 1992 RaidoShack published this advertisement – every item […]

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Apps make moving easy!

Apps That Make Moving Simple

Searching for an apartment can be a major pain, but with these great (and free!) apps moving can be pretty simple. But before you start your move be sure to do your research. Our Renters Survival Guide has tons of useful information on renting apartments. Learn about everything from Signing Your Lease, to Making A Moving Inventory.   Step #1 […]

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Is It The Right Time To Relocate?

Moving across town isn’t easy, and moving across state or even across country can be down right daunting. But before you can get to the packing part you have to ask yourself, is it the right time to Relocate? Below we have a few tips on knowing when it’s the right time to move.   Relationships: […]

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Keep Your Sanity While Moving

Packing and unpacking all of your worldly possessions is usually the most stressful and bothersome part of moving. You may have thought that there was a method to your madness while packing, but the process of unpacking can make you feel like a total stranger threw all your belongings in boxes at random. Orderly packing […]

By  Sarah Wright
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Moving Tips: Pet Transport Made Easy

  Moving is stressful, and it’s tempting to treat everything around you like a punching bag. When your pets endure a move, it’s equally distressing for them (but they’re nice enough not to bite you). They sense that life changes are approaching and experience anxiety just like you do, so they need additional support and […]

By  Hannah Riley
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How to Make a Useful Moving Inventory

If you are planning a move to Stratmoor, Colorado, you are no doubt excited about the mountain lifestyle this small community has to offer. But before you can get out and enjoy the many natural wonders in this area, including Pike’s Peak, the easternmost mountain over 14,000 feet in America, you will have to go […]

By  Sarah Wright
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Things to Consider Before You Pack

You are probably excited about starting your new life in Nine Mile Falls, but before you get there, you have to pack up all your stuff. It might not be possible to turn packing into a fun task, but you can make the whole moving process a lot easier by setting emotion aside and getting […]

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