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You Know You’re Moving When…

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Autumnn Darden To be honest, I’ve personally made a residential move only once in my life.  However, I have helped hundreds of people coordinate moves of all shapes, sizes and distances.  Because of those experiences, I’m going to go ahead and assume that qualifies me to make a list about the […]

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Rent Apartments with Bad Credit

Having bad credit will not necessarily preclude you from finding apartments for rent. Indeed, it is helpful having a good credit score or an impeccable credit report, as some landlords will request to view your credit history so that they can be sure you plan on paying your apartment’s rent in a timely fashion.   […]

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Calculating Your Apartment Budget

Making your Budget Once you have your list of desired location and amenities, it is now time to find an apartment based on your budget. If you have not already closely examined and organized your budget, moving can be a good opportunity to apply some basic rules and maximize your paycheck. Make sure you can […]

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