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Getting Repairs On Your Apartment

Five Reasons to be Friendly to Your Landlord

As a renter, one word will strike more fear into your heart than any other. No, not “appendectomy” or “cockroaches.” Try “landlord.” The name alone implies his sinister power over your living situation; however, there is no reason to cower in fear. Building a decent rapport with him by being responsive, paying rent on time, […]

By  Hannah Riley
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Can You Spot Illegal Steering?

When choosing topics to cover in my new fair housing book, a common practice known as “steering” easily made it to the top of my list. Why? Most landlords and tenants know that turning away an apartment applicant based on a protected characteristic such as race, religion, or disability is illegal. But not everyone realizes that […]

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What Can Landlords Learn From Social Media?

As we resoundingly hear from every possible news outlet, social media is among the newest and (perhaps) one of the most effective ways of reaching out to people – both personally and professionally. On the surface, it looks great – a way to market your brand under a veneer of well-manicured content. However, social media […]

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