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Apartment Safe Plants

Spring is here and it’s time to open up your windows and let the light shine in. But sunshine is not all that makes your home “spring-ey” to add a bit extra spring into your apartment place at least one house plant in the most used rooms (typically the Kitchen and Living Room). This will […]

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5 Ideas For Home Terrariums

If you haven’t noticed, I love gardens… and home terrariums, and planter boxes, wall gardens, flower bouquets… really anything that has to do with plants. I’ve been wanting to put together a nice indoor terrarium in my bathroom for awhile which is what prompted this article on ideas for home terrariums. I will be sure to […]

By  John Brown
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Plants to Keep Your Apartment Healthy

Adding plants to your apartments can help keep your apartment healthy by removing pollutants from the air. This can help especially if you have noticed some symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. Here we provide a short list of plants that can keep you healthy.

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