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How To Choose An Apartment Friendly Dog

Do you keep glancing at the corner, noticing a dog bed would fit perfectly? Or maybe you miss the background jingle of license tags and claws click-clacking across the floor. If this describes you – It’s time for a new best friend. Making the decision to bring a new puppy home may seem like the […]

By  John Brown
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Finding A Pet Friendly Apartment

Depending on your area and how much you’re willing to spend on an apartment, finding pet friendly apartments can be a real pain. Here at MyNewPlace we love our pets; but unfortunately a lot of landlords that we advertise for have had bad experiences with pet owners in that past. The first lesson in finding […]

By  John Brown
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Managing Large Dogs in Small Spaces

Downsizing can be difficult, not just for you, but your pets too. This is particularly true if you have a large and rambunctious dog. There is hope though – you two can still successfully coexist together, even in a Small Apartment! Read on to find out how. Get Outdoors When you Can’t create space indoors, […]

By  Hannah Riley
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Traveling With Pets Over The Holidays

Brace yourselves: from late November until early January the vast majority of us face a particularly busy onslaught of holidays and events. Thanksgiving and all of the December holidays, combined with 2 seasonal breaks from work make for a lot of time spent on the road or in the air. Schlepping yourself (and kids!) is […]

By  snowconant
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