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DIY Pet Projects

Occupy yourself for the weekend and make your pet feel loved with one of these DIY pet-life-improvement projects. Who needs PetCo? (Please don’t sue us, PetCo.)   Nightstand Pet Bed   How do I love this flea market nightstand-turned pet bed? Let me count the ways. One, it’s made from old furniture that doesn’t cost […]

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Freshen Up Your Apartment Without Redecorating

Perhaps you want your home to reflect the feelings of spring—but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Maybe you feel like you’re living in a dank cave of winter darkness—but you don’t have a lot of time to remedy the situation. Possibly your personality possesses a contradictory mix of decorating addiction and […]

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Indoor Plants for Spring

Spring is supposedly upon us, whatever the weird weather may indicate. If you’re looking to brighten up the interior of your house—or if you’re scared that new bulbs might be inundated by a blizzard tomorrow—think about raising some indoor spring plants. Remember that although plants clean the air inside, they can also introduce toxins; some […]

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DIY Storage Containers for Your Apartment

Maybe you just moved  into your new rental and you have too many boxes that you can either a) recycle or b) turn into lasting storage containers. Here’s our round-up of good DIY storage container ideas: Shoebox → cord organizer I’m not the world’s most organized person, but I especially hate the tangle of cords […]

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Low Maintenance House Plants For Your Apartment

Is your thumb very, very far from green? You can still improve the air quality and overall aesthetic of your apartment, provided you choose the right plant. Here are just a few ideas of many—for more, ask your local nursery staff! And always check whether a new plant might be poisonous to dogs or children. […]

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Halloween Decorations On The Cheap: We Can’t All Be Heidi Klum!

Anybody who has spent even a trivial amount of time reading celebrity gossip probably knows that Heidi Klum rules Halloween. Many women (celebrity or otherwise) tend to think of a random concept, tack ‘sexy’ on the front, and voila! ‘sexy ax murderer’ is a Halloween costume! Paris Hilton unsurprisingly is extremely guilty of this sort […]

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Plants to Keep Your Apartment Healthy

Adding plants to your apartments can help keep your apartment healthy by removing pollutants from the air. This can help especially if you have noticed some symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. Here we provide a short list of plants that can keep you healthy.

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