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Ways with Color

  Ways With Color: Innovative Painting There’s a reason you hold painting parties with your friends and order pizza as a reward. The painting process can be a huge chore, especially when you are seeking to add some color to your walls and ceilings without having to pay top dollar for a professional job. Of […]

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High Style on a Dime

High Style on a Dime: Save on Decorating in Spokane, WA Spokane, Washington, widely considers itself to be part of the urban Pacific Northwest. This means that folks (many of whom you will find are hipsters) are strongly grounded in their own regional and local culture of reusing and recycling items. But reusing and recycling […]

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Light bulbs

How to Make a Small Apartment SEEM Bigger

Sometimes you don’t need much space. Other times you can’t afford much space. And then there are times you’ve outgrown your current space, and you still have to live there. Whatever your reasons for a small apartment, you may be feeling claustrophobic. No worries! You can make a small space feel bigger with some tips […]

By  John Brown
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Finding Mr. Wright: Harmony Meets Humanity in Modern Living Spaces

When considering modern architecture and modern living spaces, one must include Frank Lloyd Wright among the strongest influences of all time. Deemed by many as the greatest architect ever, Mr. Wright had it in the bag across the board! While he was many things: architect, interior designer, educator, writer and trend setter—he is most remembered […]

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That Warm-Weather Scent

Whether your perfect warm-weather scent smells fresh like a salty windswept afternoon at the beach or juicy like a fruity refreshing cocktail, we’ve got you covered with this list of different types of summery fragrances that are perfect for your body or your apartment. Perfume It’s always amazing when a single fragrance can perfectly capture […]

By  Kate Flynn
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