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Graphic Apartment Decor

What is Graphic Design? By definition Graphic Design is the combination of text and pictures. But to us here at the MyNewPlace Blog, Graphic Design is much more – its a way to blend the hard lines of space (like the physical structure of your house) with art. It’s about expression and utility.   Here […]

By  John Brown
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Bike Storage Solutions

City life is hard. Small apartments are the norm and transportation can often be a time suck – especially in citys like San Francisco, where I live. That’s why Bike Storage is a top priority for us here at MyNewPlace. If you’re looking for a great Bike Storage Solutions, look no further then the suggestions […]

By  Dylan Madenski
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Apartment Safe Plants

Spring is here and it’s time to open up your windows and let the light shine in. But sunshine is not all that makes your home “spring-ey” to add a bit extra spring into your apartment place at least one house plant in the most used rooms (typically the Kitchen and Living Room). This will […]

By  John Brown
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The Perfect Accent Wall

We posted on our Facebook wall a few days ago about “cut and paste” wallpaper. I thought it would be pretty neat as an accent wall in an apartment, but today I found something even better. This article was also on Design Milk and about wall design – but this time by a company called […]

By  Mark Baker
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