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Coffee Makers for Small Apartments

I love coffee, and since 54% of Americans drink coffee everyday it’s more likely than not that you do too! That fact is what got me thinking “what is the best coffee gear for an apartment home?”   Clever Coffee Dripper   The sweet home recommends the Clever Coffee Dripper as “The easiest, best brewer”. It’s super easy to use […]

By  Jennifer Delfino
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Five (Low Calorie!) Meals with Summer Flavors

Your summer meals should never lack flare.  Whether you have a spicy or tangy preference, we offer a set of fresh, seasonal recipes that can be quickly prepared and slowly savored.  A healthy low calorie set of meals can be a great pick-me-up on a lazy summer afternoon!   Sesame Tuna with Spicy Slaw This […]

By  Kate Flynn
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Summer BBQ … In Your Tiny Apartment

Just because you live in a closet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the joys of summer. You can set up a hose over your doorway and pretend like you have a real sprinkler to run through. You can lie very, very close to the window and try to tan. You can […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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The Joys of a Pressure Cooker For Your Home

Haven’t you heard? The pressure cooker is back in vogue (if not Vogue). Here’s why you should consider adding one to your wish list this holiday season. (Note! This article refers to electric pressure cookers; this article lays out if a traditional model may be better for your apartment) Wonders of a Pressure Cooker Pressure […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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