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New Ideas for Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner! If you celebrate it, you’ve surely enjoyed your fair share of Easter egg successes…or failures.  I was never that good at the classic vinegar dye, but I love the tiny works of art that you can create. One of my oldest friends posted this lovely blog entry about the […]

By  Kate Flynn
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DIY Crafts From Recyclables

Earth Day approaches. Why not celebrate by limiting your crafting to projects that don’t necessitate lots of plastic and glitter and other potentially polluting products you bought new? (Not that I have anything against glitter. It’s really pretty. And, frankly, probably biodegrades faster than plastic that’s not cut up into tiny pieces? Anyway, get your […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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DIY Apartment Deodorizers

Sure you can Febreze the heck out of each and every couch pillow, rug, and curtain in your apartment. But do you really want people to think “Febreze” when they walk in the door? Not to mention the fact that each spritz contains a ton of sketchy chemicals. Instead of shelling out for a common […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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DIY Storage Containers for Your Apartment

Maybe you just moved  into your new rental and you have too many boxes that you can either a) recycle or b) turn into lasting storage containers. Here’s our round-up of good DIY storage container ideas: Shoebox → cord organizer I’m not the world’s most organized person, but I especially hate the tangle of cords […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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