Synchronicity on Moving Day: A Labor of Love


Are you planning to relocate from one living space to another sometime soon? Moving can be a daunting task for anyone—there are mountains of matters to mull over, and tons of tasks to tackle in order to ensure an organized, efficient transition. With so many details to consider—location, size, cost, schools, and neighborhood conveniences, just to name a few—moving is certainly something you don’t want to handle solo. With a pile of specifics to manage, getting help is definitely in order—before and after—but especially on moving day!


Once you’ve weighed the particulars involved in transporting your life from one place to another, and you’ve selected the absolutely perfect new domicile for yourself—the next step is planning ‘how to get from A to B’. While this may feel like a formidable undertaking, this transition can also be a time of excitement and new experiences.


One of the best ways to get the support and assistance you need is right under your nose! Any guesses? That’s right! Your friends! Who better to help you stay organized, calm and productive during this potentially stressful (and often cumbersome) process than your best pals? Surrounding yourself with familiar faces can ease stress, help you feel supported and even reduce your ‘to do’ list.


Most folks willingly agree to assist, however, it is probable many of them are groaning simultaneously in their head. When people agree to help you move, it’s because they care about you—not necessarily because they enjoy the assignment. Do not let this deter you! Take a few moments to have a brainstorming session with yourself, your family, or your BFF—form a plan and gather a few simple ideas to turn moving day blahs into moving day delights!


This handy diagram offers a few suggestions and tactics to help get you on your way to a smooth, successful move. Two essential things to consider are 1) preparation and organization, and 2) encouraging your buddies to be on board for the big day—and cheerfully if possible. Let’s take the ‘ugh’ out of the chore, and turn moving day into a fun and enjoyable experience for all!

Moving Flow Chart

Flow Chart

And voila! Moving day will be done in a snap—smoothly, efficiently—while keeping your friendships intact! Remember to go the extra mile for your buddies and show them how thankful you are for doing their part. It’s time to embrace a fresh beginning, enjoy the new chapter life presents and get comfy in your new digs—may the joy of moving prevail! Now for the unpacking…


By MyNewPlace guest author, M. Jessica Rankin.

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