Survive the Zombie Apocalypse…

…or your next marketing meeting!

In the MyNewPlace marketing team, we want to be prepared for anything that comes up in the office. Our fearless leader, however, is more concerned about the threat of zombies…and corny jokes. ┬áThus, when we had a few extra dollars to spend on in-office supplies–only $5 per person, in fact–we had to come to a compromise. Here’s the kit we devised for either situation:

1. Matches



Marketing Use: Light a creative fire to set yourself apart.
Zombie Use: Ignite a zombie; it’s one of the few ways to kill them.

2. Bandaids



Marketing Use: Fix your typos and mistakes and keep going.
Zombie Use: Dress your wounds before a zombie bites!

3. Gum



Marketing Use: Create sticky concepts to stay with your audience.
Zombie Use: Adhesive to hold sticks together for post-apocalyptic shelter.

4. Mints



Marketing Use: Keep your ideas fresh.
Zombie Use: Bait rodents to lure zombies.

5. Floss



Marketing Use: Mental floss. Absurd ideas make you unique.
Zombie Use: Make a strong rope to lasso your opponents, then get your bow and arrow ready. (We couldn’t put weapons in the office survival kit!)

6. Nuts



Marketing Use: Stay energized.
Zombie Use: Stay alive to outlast them; they only live 2-3 years!

7. Tissues



Marketing Use: Stay clean and sharp.
Zombie Use: Keep you wounds clean.

Can you think of anything we forgot, which you could use in either situation?  Tell us here or on Facebook!

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