Super Bowl Party: Countdown to the Big Game


For the die-hard football fan, the week leading up to the Super Bowl is a major nail-biter, and not because you are anxious about how your team will score on Sunday. The real cause of your angst is probably how to handle the guests you invited over for a game-day gathering; the guests you invited over for the ULTIMATE SUPER BOWL PARTY. Before you let your doubts get the best of you, look through this thoughtful how-to list. It will help you keep yourself on track with your party preparations so you can stop fretting and start fete-ing. When the big game day rolls around, your only worry will be about who is winning.

Three Days Before: Evaluate and List

Avoid leaving everything for the last minute by scheduling tasks and figuring out what you need to purchase. While your guests may bring some Super Bowl snacks, you should plan out your own menu and remember to include drinks. Also, consider the cleaning that will need to be done and whether or not you will be decorating. Create grocery and shopping lists, and be sure to include extra cleaning supplies in case your partygoers spill treats in their throes of excitement. Give yourself a day to think of other items to avoid making frantic last-minute trips to the store (which might be out of your goods after excited fans have ransacked the aisles).

Two Days Before: Shop and Stock

Do not wait until Saturday night (or, eek, Sunday morning) to start shopping for your party necessities, as they might be gone. Make your shopping rounds on Friday afternoon or evening to ensure you can check everything off on your list. Hopefully you have accounted for last-minute items, but be sure to pick up extra things like napkins, paper plates, stain removers, dust wipes, food storage tubs for leftovers, and vacuum bags.

One Day Before: Clean and Prep

While cleaning is probably the least exciting part of the prepping process, just think of all the fun you will be having the next day. Start in the morning by clearing clutter, vacuuming, and dusting. If necessary, set up your buffet table, and make sure your guests have a designated space to leave their shoes and hang their coats. Remember to clear some space in your refrigerator, too. Once you have gotten everything cleaned, properly festoon the house with streamers, tablecloths, and novelty decorations you have purchased.

One Day Before: Chop and Assemble

With your menu plan by your side, spend the evening preparing food. If you have any involved dishes, like buffalo chicken dip or barbecue meatballs, whip them up and store them in the fridge to cook the next day. If you plan on baking sweet treats, go ahead and get these done now. Squirrel them away until the party to avoid temptation.

The Day Of: Finish and Enjoy

In the morning before the game, take care of any eleventh-hour cleaning, like vacuuming up stray bits and fluffing couch pillows, and get anything into the oven that needs to start cooking. Be sure that your dishwasher and garbage bin are empty to facilitate cleanup after the party, and start setting out bowls of crunchy snacks. Get canned beverages into your cooler at least an hour before the excited guests start arriving. Now get pumped, because the fun is about to begin.

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