Summer BBQ … In Your Tiny Apartment

Just because you live in a closet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the joys of summer. You can set up a hose over your doorway and pretend like you have a real sprinkler to run through. You can lie very, very close to the window and try to tan. You can put on wave sounds and trick yourself into thinking you’re at the beach. Or you can just start BBQing, tiny kitchen and all.


Grilling in a small space

Don’t give up hope of grilling just because you have a tiny apartment. There are lots of small grills—everything from a camping stove to a small patio grill to a portable BBQ. I’d tell you about it, but Apartment Therapy has already done a pretty good job of rounding up the good ones. The cheapest, from Brookstone, is only $40. There’s also a nice list of mini grills that you can take to your nearest park—or farther—for a picnic.


If you’ve already got a grill and need to adapt it to a smaller space—say, a really tiny balcony—that’s totally possible. It requires knowing your landlord’s fire code, some measuring, and a fireproof pad, but you end up with a balcony that offers sausages in addition to a view. Which, in case that wasn’t clear, is a much better scenario. Although I prefer a charcoal grill in general, gas grills may be a better option for small spaces, as they’re easier to contain and put off less smoke that could annoy your neighbors.


Picking a theme

I prefer to throw parties with the general theme “Come to My House, Bring Something, and We’ll Consume it Together.” Works every time. But if you want something a little more contrived, I won’t judge. There are the unoriginal themes—All-American, Wild West, Beach Party, Old Fashioned Picnic. There are the slightly ironic themes—Pigs in a Blanket, Eat My Meat, and the like. Or you could choose something completely unexpected— Masquerade BBQ, Prom BBQ, Oscars-in-the-middle-of-summer BBQ.


Whatever your poison, make sure people know whether or not to wear a costume, because it’s awkward if not everyone is on board.


If you’re veggie

Throwing a BBQ, or going to one, but don’t eat meat? Don’t sweat it! (Unless it’s an Eat My Meat theme, in which case, make other plans.)


There are soooo many other things you can grill besides dead animal. Eggplant rolls with chili, lime, and feta, anyone? There are entire menus of vegetarian BBQ ideas just waiting for your little googling fingers.

If you have any great BBQing ideas or funny stories of summer BBQs gone wrong, let us know on Facebook!

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