Stuff You’ll Never Do After You Graduate

Hi, I’m Kathy, MyNewPlace’s intern, and recent college graduate.  After graduating just this past weekend, I began to get nostalgic about all the things I’ll miss about being a college student. Graduation is just around the corner for many other universities, and while there are tons of things you can enjoy in your post-college life, here’s a comprehensive list that proves how growing up and entering the real world can be overrated.

You will never again…

1. Camp out in the library overnight, or 2 nights, or 3 nights.


2. Binge eat on unlimited, unhealthy, buffet styled dorm food.


3. Take long naps at odd hours of the day.


4. Crowd surf in the students’ section at a home football game.


5. Eat dry ramen right out the package without adding water.


6. Get long awaited care packages in the mail.


7. Make late night munchie runs to McDonald’s or Jack-in-the-Box, or Taco Bell.


8. Enjoy a variety of drink discounts and specialties at bars located around campus.


9. Study abroad and travel on a student budget.



10. Use red solo cups for beer related games.


11. See or participate in a school-wide undie run.



and worst of all, no more…

12. Summer, Winter, or Spring break!


These things aside, happy graduation, and congrats to the graduates of the class of 2013!

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