Stories from Apartment Land

To find ideas for the blog, sometimes we browse through the Google alerts that we have set up around such terms as apartment living, LEED apartment buildings, off campus apartments, etc.

Police Find Coyote Caged in Cape Cod Apartment – To be honest we don’t know why these people weren’t awarded an honorary police badge. Where else are you supposed to keep a coyote? Also, they are protecting their neighbors and pets; imagine a coyote eating your pet for breakfast or going out to take the garbage down to the street and being attacked by a pack of coyotes. These responsible apartment dwellers have captured and caged the threat and are now facing animal cruelty charges. And now the police are going to put them in a cage. []

Woman Finds Escapee in Her Living Room – Is escaping from jail a crime? At some point, after laws had been passed for years and years and prisons had become a mainstay of the judicial system, did some legislator just raise his hand one day and say, “you know, we should kinda tie this little loophole on up.” And it was one of those utterly simple moments of brilliance that made everyone chuckle and the law was passed unanimously, and the legislative day ended with backslaps, jokes and beers. [KETV ABC]

Eco – Apartment Building Powered b Wood Pellets, Sunlight – All utilities included, we suppose. [TreeHugger]

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