Still thinking about the apartment that got away?

Believe it or not today’s blog post isn’t about some catchy Katy Perry song.. oh no, now it’s stuck in my head again, but instead we’re going to talk about the apartment that was just right but for whatever reason you didn’t get it.

apartment of your dreams

You’re still living in fantasy land

Oh you remember. That moment right as you stepped through the doorway with rental packet in hand amid a dozen other prospective renters and all of a sudden a dozen plans flashed in your mind. That corner over there would be perfect for your dream fondue party, and the kitchen would be host to wine nights with your friends, and just look at the window views!

Yeah, we’ve all been there, but your love at first sight glossed over the real issues at hand like the stained carpet, drafty windows, and mysterious smell that seemed to permeate from the air vent.

Don’t fall in love with your apartment at first sight.

Say it with me: Your apartment is what you make it. The greatest Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park with panoramic views isn’t worth the rent if your entire paycheck, life savings, and 2nd kidney is called for just to pay for the security deposit. The ability to love your apartment, and the life that you live through it is directly tied to your ability to relax and enjoy what life throws at you.

Go into your apartment search and open house with a checklist of limits and non-starters that will guide you away from getting caught up in a bidding war. People go crazy when money and emotions become mixed so be wary if you start bending your own rules.

cooking together at home

Move into a home that allows you to live a life outside your walls

This goes back to the money issue, but too many of my friends decided to sign leases calling for 60, even 70% of their monthly income so that they could live in the coolest areas possible. Of course they didn’t think ahead and instead put themselves in the precarious situation where ramen and Taco Bell hot sauce is an every day thing and electricity, and gas is just crazy talk. We’re living in the 21st century! Budget accordingly and choose smartly so you’re close enough to where you want to be, but still able to afford doing all the things you’ve heard about in Brooklyn or Santa Monica.

Seriously, enjoy your rental situation and realize that before you know it you’re going to be apartment hunting again for a new place that is great for pets, outdoor adventures or is just that much closer to your favorite café.

If you have any other ways to cope and avoid feeling like you let your dream apartment go then let others know on Facebook!


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