Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you’re already scheming about how clean you’ll get your house this spring, read up on these handy ideas for an apartment so sparkling, it’ll look new.



Get everything you need before you start cleaning—nothing ruins a cleaning buzz like an hour-long trip to the store. Gloves, cleaning fluids, sponges, mops, rags, dusters—the whole deal. Consider buying green cleaning products this year; the good ones clean just as well, and they’re much less harsh on lungs and skin.

Cleaning All Star Team: Get a carry-all apron for schlepping around your tools.



Although it’s sometimes fun to just blow through an apartment scrubbing whatever comes into sight, if you want to do a truly thorough job, a list helps make sure you hit all the high (grimy) points.


Declutter First

If you’re gonna do this right, it will probably take several days, or a couple weekends. Cleaning will be much easier if you’re not cleaning around all the crap you’ve accumulated over the past year, or decade. Before you whip out your magic wand of spotlessness, sell, donate, or toss as much old junk as you can bear to part with.




It’s scary to confront, but toxins can enter and stay in your house in any number of ways—mold, stove burners, dust, and, yes, fumes from chemicals such as cleaning supplies. Keep your home as healthy as it looks by detoxing at least once a year.


Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Let’s face it: cleaning is exhausting. Ask your partner or kids for help, and draw up a plan for which tasks will be done on which day so that you can all pace yourself. Need extra motivation? Check out our post on spring cleaning playlists!

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