Spring Cleaning for Your Clothes

Spring cleaning? An excellent idea. Get the winter grime off your floors, and the buildup of stuff out of your closest. Just don’t forget your clothes in all this. After all, you spend as much time in them as you do on that mattress you should probably be flipping soon.

Clean and store sweaters


Sweaters are going away for the duration, so make sure they don’t go away dirty. Take a load to the dry cleaners—or wash them yourself, if yours can be safely washed by hand—and then fold them carefully into storage until fall.


Lift those pills


Any of your clothes getting a little pilly from all those months of wear? One of my all-time favorite frivolous purchases was a fabric shaver, which does exactly what it sounds like, and takes all the stray nubs off your clothes. A shaver could damage delicate knits, though, so if you’re worried, use a comb to freshen up the outsides of your sweaters.


Take it to the tailor

If your closet contains any items you wish fit differently, now’s the time to take them to the tailor (if they’re cold-weather clothes, anyway). Clothes can be taken in or out, hemmed, or even reshaped to fit new fashions. Try on the questionable pieces for evaluation, and then take the winners in to be altered. Unless you’re one of the few Americans who knows how to sew, include all the pants and tops with rips or missing buttons—those are easy fixes, and will really increase the mileage on your garments. You’ll save time on doing one large order, and you won’t be missing that pea coat in the meantime.


Take shoes to the cobbler


Shoes are almost as adaptable as clothes! So take your winter boots in for some sprucing up. You can have heels replaced, soles reworked, leather buffed, and tight spots stretched. And although some cobblers aren’t exactly cheap, hiring them is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying an entirely new pair. When winter rolls around, you’ll be happy you thought ahead.


Keep layers close

You’ll want to keep a few warmer items for cool nights or rainy days. Rearrange your closet so that lighter fabrics are up front, but a few sweaters, scarves, and light jackets are still close at hand.


Get a garment steamer?


If you’re the kind of person who a) spends money on high-quality clothes and b) really cares how those clothes look when you wear them in public, then you’re going to need some way to keep all your silks and linens from wrinkling (talk about first world problems). One option is an iron—how old school of you! Another is making frequent trips to the dry cleaner. The third is purchasing a garment steamer, which is quick and easy to use at home.


Donate the rest

Part of spring cleaning is knowing what you don’t want to be cleaning in the future. In other words, get rid of the spares! Life’s too short to spend all your time managing your closet. Get rid of whatever you don’t wear.


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