Songs to Help you Clean Your Apartment

Usually, an apartment requires a thorough cleaning about once a week, depending on how many roommates you have. This is, however, not exactly everyone’s favorite activity. The hardest task is typically not the cleaning itself, but mobilizing yourself and your roommates to partake.

I have found that musical motivation is the best method to get everyone to pitch in and do their share. The proper auditory accompaniment can transform a reluctant bunch of roommates into Del Fontaine and the Cleaning Fontones. Perhaps that’s a bit exaggerated, but I’ve found that certain songs just bring people together and make cleaning the apartment less of a chore and a bit closer to being a therapeutic exercise.

photo courtesty of Mia Mabanta

Now, it is difficult to find a single album that truly encapsulates and drives an apartment cleaning. Thus, I have taken the liberty to recommend some songs that match up particularly well with some of the more common chores.

Your first task will be to get everyone up and ready. If it is Saturday morning, you’ll have to get everyone off the couch or out of their rooms. Put on I’ve Got a Feeling by the Beatles. The version from Anthology 3 is the best, but the Let it Be version will suffice. This song is perfect for opening up the windows, letting in some fresh air and dance-walk-gliding over to the cleaning cabinet under the sink. You’ll be so excited that you will take out every product available, thus ensuring the thorough use of each.

Other choices that also build initiative for joint cleaning ventures are Thank You by Barry and the Remains or Can You Get to That by Funkadelic.

Most cleaning starts in the kitchen; as the center of food preparation, it is advisable to keep this room as hygienic as possible, and since it is a communal area it is likely to be the messiest. When doing the dishes, you are going to need a song to which you can sing and subtly groove, since dancing is constrained when you are washing the pots and pans. Put on Oh Yoko by John Lennon or Roberta Flack’s Reverend Lee.

Once you start mopping the kitchen you can really let loose. I’ve personally found that a mop makes a great dance partner, especially to such gems as Take your Mama Out by the Scissor Sisters, The Bar-Kays’ Too Hot to Stop, or if you are really into mopping, Midnight Voyage by Ghostland Observatory. Be careful with this song, as it may result in the destruction, rather than the cleaning of your kitchen. This song has a notorious and well documented history of engendering spontaneous parties and rerouting good intentions.

There are absolutely no songs that are good for cleaning the bathroom. This should not be taken as an excuse to avoid cleaning the bathroom.

During vacuuming, listen to Close to Me by the Cure or This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) by the Talking Heads. Vacuuming, in some inchoate and vague way, reminds me of the eighties and these tracks represent the best of that decade’s musical output.

With this list of songs at your disposal, you’ll be able to transform yourself and your roommates from complacent couch potatoes into a whirlwind of melodic cleaning activity.

Do you have suggestions for the list? Get back to us with what tunes you listen to while you do your chores. Also, your feedback on the above list is appreciated. For more tips on cleaning your apartment, especially before you landlord does a walk through, check out the MyNewPlace apartment guide!

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