Small Apartment? Small Budget? Try Multi-Purpose Furniture!

If you’ve got a super-small place, or if you’d like to have a few nice pieces of furniture but can’t afford several of similar quality, try multi-use furniture. Buy something with innovative design, or get creative and use one thing for multiple purposes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fold-out sofas and beds

Traditionally known as a Murphy bed, a fold-out bed doesn’t have to be like something out of a bad comedy set in the 70s. There are some really beautiful examples featured on Home-Designing that show just how chic—and hidden—a fold-out can be.

Sleeper sofa

A variation on the same theme: sleeper sofa. Yes, you could sleep on a sofa, or if you want a traditional bed for yourself, a sleeper sofa could allow a space for guests without shelling out for an extra bedroom. Might we suggest that you DO shell out for a nice model, though? Lots of those fold-aways have thick bars under not-so-thick mattresses.

Nesting table

A nesting table is one that can be stowed away under another surface, and only pulled out when you need the extra space. These can be great either for dining space when you’re entertaining, or for a work desk that disappears when dinner rolls around. They can also double as room dividers — super useful if you’re in a studio!


Shelving units, whether purchased new or used, can often be found for cheap prices, and used for a myriad of things. A “bookshelf” can be used in the kitchen for storing extra pans, or in the entryway for keeping shoes organized.

Out-of-sight storage

If you buy something new, ask whether it can be stored under a piece of existing furniture. You’d like an Ottoman for resting your tired feet? Make sure it fits under the couch. More boxes for your overflowing clothes? Measure the height of your bed and purchase accordingly. You can also look for things you need that double as storage, like a coffee table with drawers or an entryway bench with a hinged top.

Want some more visual inspiration? Check out this Pinterest page.

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