Simple Necessities for Your Apartment

These simple home items might not be at the top of your “to buy” list for your new apartment. But if you don’t have them, you’ll miss them sooner or later.


Key holder


Ever lived with someone who loses their keys every single morning? I have. If you’re one of these people, spare the others in your life, and just buy a bowl or rack or whatever it takes to keep them in one place.




Do it! A mat for every door that leads into the house. Otherwise, the first time it rains, you’ll be weeping in the doorway, unable to go inside, or chasing your guest around demanding the equivalent of your security deposit for the footprints he left the on the beige carpet. Heck, you probably want one inside, too, to leave boots on.


Felt patches for table legs


Hardwood floors? Fake wood floors? Any kind of floor that will scratch? You should felt-patch the CRAP out of your tables, chairs, and anything else that might leave marks. It’s probably the most economical way to insure your floors stay pristine, other than taking of your shoes at the door.


Spoon rest


I’ve lived without a spoon rest—you know, the place where you rest whatever big spoon you’re using to stir a pot of food—and trust me, it makes for a lot more counter cleaning than if you just bought a tiny round of ceramic.




It’s unattractive to live with a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your room. It’s also harder to carry them to the washer. Cough up.


Bath mat


Mold! Slipping hazards! Gross puddles you could drown in if you pass out drunk in your bathroom! Avoid these things and get a bathmat.




Unless you’re incredibly rich and wasteful and literally never keep leftover food in your refrigerator, you need containers (with lids!) to keep them in.




What the heck are you going to dry your hands/dishes/spills with unless you have a dishtowel? They’re so cheap, you have no excuse not to buy some. I’ve visited friends before and had no way to clean up their leaking compost bin because they lacked both dishtowels and paper towels.


Trash bins


Multiple! You can’t get away with just one! You need one in the kitchen and the bathroom at the least, and the workshop if you have one. You’ll probably want one in your bedroom, too. You really can’t have too many bins.





In a pinch, you can use a dishtowel. But it’s only a matter of time until you pick it up wrong and your thumb goes through the hole between folds of towel. And then you don’t have a thumb. Maybe better to just buy potholders from the get-go.


Toilet paper


Don’t move in without it. Your first morning in your new place will instantly be a LOT less happy.


Can you think of any other essential items that we’ve forgotten?  Let us know about your innovative apartment necessities on Facebook!

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