Short On Space But Love To Entertain? 10 Ways To Have A Big Party In Your Little Apartment

Hosting a large party in a small space? It can be done if you plan ahead and make the best use of your space.

  • Forget about a formal sit-down dinner. In a small apartment, setting up a large dinner table with enough chairs for everyone and enough elbow space around each of your guests can be a real challenge. Additionally, all this furniture in a small apartment can make the entire space seem a lot smaller than it actually is.
  • Serve foods that can be eaten on the go. If you give your guests finger foods and appetizers, they can easily drift around the apartment as they eat, opening up more space.
  • Use the whole apartment. There’s no rule that says that bedrooms are just for coats. You could set up a lounge area in a bedroom, with music or a sports game on the TV so that people can hangout in areas besides the living room and kitchen.
  • Use the outdoor space if you have it. If the weather is nice, a patio or balcony can also be set up as an additional area for your guests to go. Drinks can also be kept outside in coolers, which can help keep guests from congregating in a small apartment kitchen.

  • Make sure you have enough seating. You’ll want your guests to be comfortable so have a few friends bring over extra chairs to that everyone can have a place to relax.
  • Move furniture to the outsides of the room. You may keep your couch and a few chairs in the center of the living room, facing the TV, but unless you’re hosting a movie night or a sports game, it’s not necessary to leave your furniture arranged that way. Moving couches and chairs to the outsides of the room can open a room up and make your apartment feel quite a bit bigger.
  • Don’t invite more guests than your apartment can hold. Figure out how many people could be comfortable in your apartment and stick to that amount of guests. It wouldn’t be comfortable for anyone to have a guest list of a hundred people in a 500 square foot bachelor pad. A large party is fine, but make sure that it’s still reasonable.

  • Set an end time to your party. An invite that reads 8-? is fun, sure, but if you’re hosting a large party in a small apartment, you’re going to want to watch the noise so that you don’t disturb your neighbors.
  • Consider leaving the pets at a friend’s house for the night. If you have pets, it may cause a lot of additional stress to leave a pet with a friend for the evening can help you focus on your guests.
  • Use the facilities. It may be possible to throw a large party in the pool area of a large complex. You’ll want to check with your landlord first though to make sure its okay to have a big group of guests using the apartment’s facilities.

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