Serenity in San Francisco: Utsuwa Floral Design

Hidden in the Polk Gulch sits Utsuwa Floral Design. It’s likely that you’ve never been there; and perhaps you never will since the store is local to San Francisco. But Utsuwa’s roots run deeper then the streets of San Francisco, in fact, Hiro the owner started Utsuwa 15 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. Even though the store in Tokyo was quite successful he closed shop 5 years ago and he and his family moved here to San Francisco.


A Garden Paradise


He told me that there were not many stores like his in Tokyo, and that the store did well. After he moved to the U.S. he noticed that people in SF live much like the people in Tokyo (they live in small apartments) and like the people in Tokyo they need small manageable plants – which is why his shop has mostly terrariums, bonsai, wall gardens, and hanging globes.



I asked him what benefits a person can gain by having plants in their apartment and he told me “by having plants in your room you can feel nature, and feel calm and peaceful.”  He also said that by having plants in your home it teaches you how to grow and take care of plants which allows you to better connect, and pay more attention to the nature that is around you.



I had a wonderful time in Hiro’s store and if you are in the San Francisco area I strongly recommend that you come check it out. You can also buy some items at the Utsuwa online store. Every apartment home can benefit from the addition of a plant.


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