Seeing the Light: Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Day

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Cincinnati winters are not known for being temperate or bright. After months of leaving for work and returning home in the dark, it is common to feel a bleak malaise hit you. Before you decide that life in a cave would provide more light, think about what you can do at home to improve the brightness and take advantage of daylight. Below are several lighting ideas and other important elements to consider in your effort to illuminate your home.

Furniture Placement

It is common to spend winter weekends lounging indoors when you get tired of snow tubing at Valley’s Edge. Perhaps you have a favorite reading nook where you like to spend time. While curling up in a corner is cozy, take a look at how your furniture is laid out. Can you move things around so that a bank of windows is the sitting area’s focal point instead of the television? Can you transport your reading chair to a brighter spot? If you cannot bring more light indoors, bring yourself to the light.

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Daylight Spectrum

While trying to pass off a fake driver’s license at the bottle shop will get you into trouble, there is nothing wrong with importing some fabricated daylight into your home for an instant mood boost. Full-spectrum light bulbs, which create a brightness level similar to that of noonday natural daylight, are simple to install into your existing lamps and light fixtures. The same is true for halogen bulbs. If you have certain lamps that require hard-to-find bulbs, head into Loveland and visit Lighting(One) to choose from their huge stock of full-spectrum bulbs.

Mirror Effects

Take some time to reflect on your lighting situation after you have installed bright bulbs and moved furniture. If things are still too dreary for your taste, consider hanging a mirror opposite a window to double the amount of light coming in and help the room appear larger in the process. Plan a shopping day at the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield to peruse the aisles searching for your perfect mirror.

Diffused Lighting

If you are trying to light a room that is on the smaller side and maintain an open feeling, avoid cramming too many table lamps into the space. Instead, use diffused lighting with lamps or sconces aimed at the walls and ceiling. This will brighten dark corners and provide additional ambient light without harming your decorating scheme. The folks at A Shade Better in McCabe Crossing can help you determine what lamps will work for you.

Lighting Fatigue

In your effort to create a bright, welcoming space indoors, it is actually possible to add too much light. This can cause lighting fatigue, which makes you feel just as run-down as the winter blues. Exposure to too much electric light can cause headaches, stress, and anxiety. To avoid lighting fatigue, use bulbs of varying brightness in different areas of the same room according to the spots you use most frequently. To determine the amount of light you will need, multiply the length of the room in feet by the width. Multiply that number by 1.5. Try stay at or below the resulting number in wattage when selecting new bulbs.


What are some other techniques you have used to brighten your home during the winter months?

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