Searching For An Apartment: How Smart Phones Can Help!

There seems to be no end to the utility of smart phones. These handheld devices have streamlined many aspects of day-to-day life from keeping track of appointments to shopping for groceries. There are also a number of ways that a smart phone can be used to make searching for a new apartment easier.

1. Apps that List Available Apartments

A smart phone can make searching for a new apartment a breeze. There are a number of apps available for each type of smart phone that list available apartments. These apps are designed with simple interfaces that make it easy to narrow down the search. Apps can filter available apartments by a number of different features, including distance, cost, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, whether the apartments allow pets, and what kind of amenities the communities provide. Many of these apps utilize the GPS feature installed in smart phones so that you can find more apartments that are close to your current location. This can be useful if a visit to an apartment complex proved unsatisfactory and you still want to rent a place nearby. Apartment search apps are often free, though there are a few that are available to purchase for a small fee. Check out MyNewPlace and Archstone’s mobile Apps in this article.

2. Maps the Route to Work, the Store and the Gym

The map feature available on smart phones can make it easy for a person to find out how far a potential apartment is from work, the grocery store, the coffee shop, the gym, or any other business they frequently visit. A tough choice between two comparable units can easily be solved by a quick search to determine how convenient the apartment’s location is.

3. Rent Calculator/Utility Calculator

Want to know how much it’s going to cost to live in a certain apartment? Rent isn’t the only expense when renting a new apartment. There are a number of calculators available that you can feed various pieces of information into in order to predict the cost of living in a new place. Electricity usage can be approximated and monthly or weekly rent can be calculated with the push of a few buttons on the smart phone.

4. Learning More about the Neighborhood

Using a smart phone can make it easy to examine new areas when moving. There are apps available that give information about various parts of the country, including cost of living, demographics, weather and available jobs. Using apps to look for this information can make it easy for a person to get to know a new area before making a big move. It is also possible to get detailed information about different neighborhoods when moving into a new city or metropolitan area.

5. Roommate Searching

The hunt for a new roommate can also be streamlined through the use of a smart phone. Some of the major roommate search websites have released smart phone apps that make it easy to look for people to live with. These apps can filter potential roommates by a number of different factors, including the amount they’re willing to pay and whether they have any pets.

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