Saving Big in Your New Place

Moving to a new place introduces a number of costs that you might not anticipate, even after careful budgeting. It might mean you need to sacrifice some of the things you wanted to buy to spruce up your new apartment or it might cut into the exploring you planned to do once you arrived in your new city or neighborhood. But in Spokane, there are plenty of ways you can budget without being confined to the couch during your free time. Here are a few tips for stretching those dollars while you eat, shop, and explore the city’s outdoor recreation:

TIP 1:

Host a Potluck Dinner Party to Celebrate Your Move.

Invite your friends over for a potluck dinner. This is your chance to try out that new recipe that you bookmarked from Pinterest several months ago and only rediscovered recently. Lend the dinner’s night a theme and some parameters. Ask your friends to use at least three fresh, local ingredients in their recipes and to list where they got their fixin’s. Even better, see if one or a few of the local restaurants offer large carry-out orders at a reduced cost.

Main Market Co-Op

Credit: Main Market Co-op, Spokane WA

TIP 2: Speaking of Fresh and Local… Find Your Local Co-Op.

You’ve been doing fresh, organic, seasonal, and locally sourced produce for awhile, but you’ve found that grocery store prices for super-fresh greens are simply too expensive for you to manage after your move. Try going super-local by exploring the Main Market co-op or one of the local farmer’s markets and their options for a produce share. And split the goods–have your pals share in the cost of a monthly pick-up of fresh pickings.

TIP 3: Check Out Some of the Vintage and Second-Hand Clothing Stores Around Town.

Vintage clothing can be just as if not more costly than new-off-the-rack retail, but many second-hand and vintage stores buy and trade as well as sell. This is a good chance to reevaluate some of the things you brought with you to your new place and go shopping without wondering whether you will have to cut into your weekly grocery budget. The walkable Garland District, which is known for shopping, dining, local cafes, and general entertaiment, is a great place to try for some good vintage offerings. Afterwards, kick back with a movie and popcorn at the independent theater.

TIP 4: Find Ways to Walk or Travel Green.

Given the recent costs of moving, it might be time to get your legs moving or dust off that bike. Spokane is a great place to travel by either means. Spokane has over 30 bus lines servicing the city and the easy-to-navigate Spokane Transit Authority’s website lists routes and provides a trip planner.

Riverfront Park - Spokane WA


TIP 5: Explore Your Free Resources for Recreation.

Spokane abounds with parks, hiking trails, and other super scenic outdoors recreation. It also has many natural rock climbing parks, so check out Minnehaha, Dishman, or Liberty Park for options. Mountain Project’s website has helpful information for rock climbing. Be sure to also take a hike on Mount Spokane, which ranks as one of the tallest inland mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It is close by, and you can split the cost of gas with your friends!

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