Quick Tips for Apartment Pet Lovers

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Ron Leshnower – About.com’s Apartment Living Expert

Living in an apartment with a pet can make your apartment living experience even more enjoyable. It’s no surprise, then, that recent surveys have shown that more renters than ever before are looking for pet-friendly buildings to call home. Fortunately for them, it also appears that an increasing number of landlords are becoming accepting of pets, if for no other reason than to attract pet-loving apartment hunters to their vacancies.
If you’re looking for an apartment with a pet or you think you might want to welcome one to your rental some day, here are a couple of quick tips to keep in mind:
1. Tell landlords and brokers about your pet needs. Be sure to bring up the fact that you have a pet no later than the start of your apartment search. If you don’t currently have a pet but think there’s a good chance you’ll want one later, tell your broker you’re only interested in buildings that allow pets and confirm pet policies with individual landlords. Communicating your apartment requirements up front will help you avoid wasting time, which means you’ll find the perfect apartment that much sooner. Here’s more help on how to follow this two-step tip.
2. Check your lease before you get a pet. If you’ve already settled into your rental when you decide you want a pet, don’t rush to the pet store or breeder just yet. First take a moment to check your lease to see if your landlord allows pets and, if so, what rules pet-owning tenants must follow. Following this simple step will help prevent unpleasant surprises and disappointments, which could also put your tenancy at risk. Here’s more help on how to follow this important step.
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