Property Managers, Get Savvy with Instagram!

Do you manage apartments? Are you marketing them? Do you not have any clue what “Instagram” means? You’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is a mobile app (that’s “application” for you who are still in the Dark Ages, and you need a smartphone for it, specifically an Apple or Android smartphone—not that the author of this post should be judging, as she’s still using a $30 clunker for her calls) that essentially takes pictures and makes them look more interesting than they actually do. It’s basically Polaroid for the smartphone era, except that rather than keeping the images in a shoebox, you can share them instantly with your social media network.

Multifamily Insiders blogged recently about the top five reasons YOU should use Instagram, like, right now as part of your property management world domination scheme. These reasons include (with lots of this author’s own commentary):

a) that people rely on photos to choose housing, and this is a really easy way to get your photos on the web

b) it’s easy to use (as long as you already have a smartphone, but we’ve been over this)

c) each photo is unique (although we’re not sure apartment hunters really care about that, it IS nice touch)

d) if you’ve already figured out Facebook and Twitter, you should be able to manage this, as the whole Like, hashtag (this sucker: #), and @shoutouts are pretty much the same. If you haven’t figured out Facebook and Twitter, we suggest you start there…

e) Instagram integrates with Facebook (which recently bought the photo sharing company), Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites, so that you can connect them easily with your other methods of ensnaring unsuspecting, homeless-but-incomed young people.

All well and good! We think they missed one, though: HIPSTERS USE INSTAGRAM. (Don’t know what a hipster is?) While lots of hipsters look like they can only afford clothing from the pile of 1970s leftovers you finally took to Goodwill, lots of them actually have decent-paying jobs—or parents. They’re young, urban professionals—although you call them “yuppies” at your peril—and, frankly, if they spend that much effort grooming their ironic facial hair, they might take better care of an apartment than your average freaked-out 23 year old. This is all thoroughly unscientific, and we make no guarantees about hipsters as tenants, but the bottom line is that if you want to market your property to a younger crowd that cares about aesthetics, Instagram is a good start.

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