Products You Never Knew Could Clean Your Apartment

Not only will this blow your mind but it might save you some bucks.

cleaning home with vinegar

Vinegar is an all purpose cleaning option for your apartment

The miracle cleaning solution! Vinegar can be used for almost everything. It’s an incredible disinfectant; for example, some vinegar and hot water can clean a floor perfectly. Well, not alone: you have to use a mop and some elbow grease, too.


Wax paper

Wax paper can pick up all kinds of debris—I’ve even seen suggestions online for replacing Swiffer mats with it. You can also rub your faucets with it to keep them from getting water stains and finger prints.

cleaning with cooking spray

Cooking spray to clean your apartment?

…can keep your plastic storage containers from getting all red from storing things like pasta sauce. Just spray it in before the fact, not after.



You know you’re not supposed to scrub your cast iron pan with soap, right? It totally ruins the seasoning. So to get all those little bits off, throw come coarse salt into the pan and rub it around.

cleaning with salt

Baking soda

Another miracle product. It can do a million things, including deodorize, but one close to my heart: remove tea stains. Use a little water to make it into a paste, and rub it into teacups, pots, mugs.


Olive oil as a daily home cleaner?

Okay, so lots of you live in cities and probably don’t have a lot of problems with sap stains. But you go to parks, right?…you might sit on a pine cone there. If so, well, your clothes might be destroyed but your skin can be cleaned with a little olive oil.

brooms cleaning home

Broom more then just your apartment floors!

Har har, I know this is a cleaning product. But if you cover it with a cloth (using a rubber band or something), it turns into a long-handled duster.
White bread

Apparently, it will remove stains from wallpaper. Just rub the slice over the stain until it goes away. Just another reason to be very suspicious of eating white bread.

shaving cream clean home

Shaving cream outside of the bathroom?!

It can clean mirrors! The old-fashioned kind, at least. Bonus: this item is already located right next to the item that it can clean.



True, it cleans your teeth. But it can also clean silver jewelry. And, for that matter, silver candlesticks, silver fastenings, silver spoons…although only the literal, not the metaphorical, kind.


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