Pet-Friendly Apartments in Charlotte

According to our internal apartment finder data, Charlotte, NC is one of the nation’s most pet-friendly cities for renters. Not only are there more searches for pet-friendly apartments here than in most cities, but most interesting is that landlords are also significantly more likely to allow pets.

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Nearly 60 percent of apartments allow both dogs and cats and around 67 percent allow just cats. If you owned a pet and tried to find an apartment in some surrounding cities you’d be faced with very competitive markets. The percentage of dog-friendly apartments in Washington, D.C is 36 percent, apartments in Memphis only 33 percent, and only 25 percent of Philadelphia apartments and Baltimore apartments offer dog-friendly policies.

Also supporting the pet friendly reputation of Charlotte apartments is the fact that the city was also among the most searched cities for pet-friendly apartments. Among the top 50 most searched cities, Charlotte ranked in the top twenty for searches on both dog-friendly apartments and cat-friendly apartments.

Furthermore, searches for dog-friendly apartments were nearly double those for cat-friendly apartments. Apartment owners and landlords may favor cats as tenants by 7 percent, but Charlotte renters clearly prefer dogs.

Outside sources can attest to the veracity of our findings, as Charlotte was also listed among Forbes’ top ten most pet-friendly cities in an article that considered factors such as public park acreage, the number of pet-oriented businesses and the number and cost of veterinary facilities. Charlotte’s 17,000 acres of public parks, 141 vets and 127 pet supply and service stores for 610,000 people were the key features highlighted.

The Humane Society of the United States has lamented that the major reason for pet-owners to give up their pets has been caused by conflicts arising between pet owners and housing policies. According to the HSUS, if all rental housing allowed pets, around 6.5 million animals would be saved from animal shelters.

With its high percentage of pet-friendly apartments for rent, numerous parks and pet oriented services and businesses, it looks as though Charlotte is a pretty nice place to live if you are a pet. Let’s just hope it is just as nice if you are a person.

If you are having difficulty locating an apartment for rent that is suitable for you and your pet, be sure to consult our apartment guide, which provides comprehensive information on tips for renting with pets.

You can use the MyNewPlace apartment finder to display apartments that allow dogs, cats or both. Be sure to let us know how you have fared during your pet-friendly apartment search.

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