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Things to Consider Before You Pack

You are probably excited about starting your new life in Nine Mile Falls, but before you get there, you have to pack up all your stuff. It might not be possible to turn packing into a fun task, but you can make the whole moving process a lot easier by setting emotion aside and getting […]

By  Sarah Wright
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Damn Sexy Apartments You Will Fall In Love With

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is on your mind. You’re in the mood for something that will make your heart palpitate. Well, we’ve lined up the hottest Apartments in Chicago that you can actually afford to get into; ones you can really fall in love with.     […]

By  John Brown
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Heart Healthy: Ways to Work Out at Home

  In Colorado Springs, where love of any and all things outdoors is endemic to local life, there is no shortage of adventurous places to explore for fitness and exercise. Rock climbing is perhaps the signature recreation and fitness activity in the area. You will find plenty of natural land features and indoor walls and […]

By  Jennifer Delfino
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