Notes on Apartment Hunting: Being Choosy



Hunting for a new apartment is arduous, but you don’t have to be Goldilocks to find that apartment that’s just right for you. You just need to give specific things consideration before you rush to the property manager’s office and sign a lease. Certain requirements and elements of your lifestyle will be deciding factors in what shapes your search. Read on to help identify what your heart desires.

Commute and Neighborhood

Figuring out the right location will dictate where you start your search for a new place. Think about not only where you want to live if a particular neighborhood strikes your fancy but also how important it is that your location can facilitate easy travel to work and offer access to necessities. Perhaps you want to be closer to an elderly parent, or maybe you do not own a car. Settling on a neighborhood that is near your mother’s home or on your preferred bus route for shopping and commuting is a smart place to begin.

Work and Play

Working from home is much easier when you have a separate office to keep you organized and to delineate work from home. Likewise, if you have a hobby like sewing that involves extraneous supplies, keeping everything related to the activity in its own space helps maintain order. These elements make a big difference between moving into a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom apartment, but depending on your preference, an extra room may be necessary.

Dining and Entertaining

Apartment life can be difficult if you fancy yourself a gourmet chef and you like to entertain friends. Also, the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, right? Space-wise, something like a studio apartment will not facilitate hangout sessions or dinner parties. Consider your social life desires. Do you plan to have friends over frequently, and therefore want a large living room area and spacious kitchen (with plenty of storage, of course)? Or do you eat out most evenings and not want a big kitchen that will merely be gathering dust?

Incidentals and Deal-Breakers

There will be other factors that you need to consider when you start your hunt. Do you love waking up early and want your place to have natural light, or do you work nights and not mind life on the ground floor? Do you like baths in a deep tub or quick showers? Take a look at your daily routine and figure out which permanent components of your current apartment are essentials that you need at your new place. Likewise, consider things that you absolutely cannot deal with. For example, if a building will not let you bring your beloved pooch along, it is clearly not a place you should tour.


Once you have narrowed down the features you would like in your new place, it is time to prioritize. What can you absolutely not live without, and where can you make some concessions? Rank your wishes and set your price range. Start looking for places that accommodate your top five or top three listed items, then start making appointments for tours. Lastly, do not be afraid to trust your gut. If a place looks great on paper but feels wrong, move on. You can always find something just right.

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What is important to you in an apartment?

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