New Year Resolutions: Getting Organized

Organized Home

Being organized is a great feeling, as there is no stress from not being able to find things you need and no anxiety related to clutter around the house. This is a great way to get a new start, both for a new year and a new place, and if you have recently moved to Briargate, Colorado, get started on the new year with a freshly organized new home. These tips will help you get organized and settled in your new place in no time.

From Messy to Clean.

Turn a messy closet into an organized one.

Find a Place for Everything

One essential component of staying organized is making sure you have a place to put everything. It is hard to keep things organized if they just sit in a pile on the floor. So, if your closet is not big enough to hold all the cold weather gear you will need for life in Briargate, invest in a storage solution like an armoire or a set of coat hangers. Hanging closet organizers are great places to stash stuff like hats and gloves.

Make the Most of Built-Ins

If your budget is tight after moving, do not worry about finding new furniture to hold all your stuff right away. If you have some closets and built-in shelves in your new place, make efficient use of that space first. Using the previous example, if your closet does not hold all of your coats but you do not want to spend additional money at the moment, cut down on what is in there. If there are things that you do not plan on using for the next couple of months, put them in a box and set it aside for when you can invest in storage solutions.

Arrange Your Things According to Need

Winter in Briargate is pretty cold, so you probably do not need your light summer blankets and sandals ready at hand in January. Put the stuff you do not need right away at the back of the closet to give yourself better access to the things you will use today.

Start Small

If getting organized is overwhelming for you, try not to think of the task as something that you have to do all at once. Organization can be a process, and in fact, it can be helpful to wait until you have settled in to your new place a little bit in order to see how you use the space. So if you need to take your time and organize bit by bit, even if it is just one room at a time, slow progress is better than no progress.

Check Out Your Friends’ Houses

If you are new to Colorado and have never lived in a snowy place before, see how your friends store their stuff. Do any of them have any ingenious ways to stash their boots? Where do they keep their ski gear, if they have it? Asking friends for help is never a bad idea, and having a particularly organized friend give you a hand can make the job easier and more fun.

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